Currently craving…Thanksgiving recipes!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

I know, I know: 

“Why are you celebrating Thanksgiving… if you are not from the U.S.?”, you might ask.

You know what? I have a thing for supporting good things. And that includes traditions that bring good to the table. And that’s not just metaphorically speaking, since whoever celebrates it knows that is the second best feast of the year (after Christmas dinner, sometimes even bigger). Aaand, since it  brings people together, be it family or friends or both, for a warm reunion, it’s something worth looking forward to. To celebrate. To giving thanks by eating your way through it.

I’ll be spending my Thanksgiving with a family friend in San Francisco, and yes, I have granted myself (?) the right (and necessity) to look forward to it. The desserts, the many ways of eating pumpkin or squash, the mouth-watering vegetables, the succulent sides, the challenging turkey experiences…everything is just so delicious!

Anyways, these are the recipes that have been going through my mind these days pre-Thanksgiving. I will be trying out a couple of them and who knows, maybe in the future you can expect my own Thanksgiving guide! 😉

White on Rice Couple‘s  “Brussels sprouts and bacon Parmesan pizza“! Not that I would ever place pizza on a Thanksgiving table, but it’s a fun take on a regular side dish.

Love and lemons’s “Coconut creamed spinach with shiitakes and fried shallots” makes me want to eat spinach every day.

-I couldn’t leave Martha Stewart out, of course, since she excels in everything and anything Thanksgiving (see her “Thanksgiving wisdom” guide here). This “Roasted turkey in parchment with gravy” way of cooking the traditional bird is simple yet full of flavor.

-For dessert? The popular kid in town these days is this new fun flavor combination: “Salty honey pie“. I love the sweet & savory recipe from The Baker Chick.
-Who says we can’t have double dessert? This “Pumpkin S’mores tart” recently uploaded by How Sweet It Is made my change my mind.


Now, excuse me while I go and beg my roommates to have an early Thanksgiving dinner…can’t wait!

Enjoy! 😉

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